Thursday, October 09, 2008

God Bless 2-D Animation

It's not often that I post nude models, but I suppose it's a proper lead-in to the topic of 2d animation...
What dickweed decided that 3D should completely annihilate good 2D goodness?...oh yeah, it was Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas performed miserably at the box office, and as a result, Katz there decided that 2D animation was a plague to be avoided (despite Sinbad being a perfectly decent 2D-flick, it did come out in the wake of "OMG CGI MOVIES ARE TEH WINZORS"). Not only that, and I need to check some resources on this, but it's been noted that Michael Eisner intentionally made sure that Disney's last 2D flicks like "Home On the Range" were extremely sub-par so that he could push the studio to dissolve the 2D department (in exchange for equally sub-par 3D animated flicks in Disney's desperate attempts to match the power of Pixar).

That said, please direct your attention to Michel Gagne's masterpiece, "Prelude to Eden":

You can also see his other beautiful work on his main site:

Make SURE you check out his Insanely Twisted section. Good Halloweenie stuff.

After that, my bud Patrick pointed out Pearl Jam's Evolution video, directed by Scott Mother-effing McFarlane.
(I cant embed the stupid thing...dammit, but be warned, it's a pretty harsh vid, but real purdy).

*sigh* I love 2D animation, and I love 3D animation, but only if either is done WELL. WALL-E is a good example of an excellent 3D flick (and I recently enjoyed the sumptuous feast of MONSTER HOUSE), and as a bit of an extension, CGI itself is a good tool for cinema. But it's nice to see that audiences are getting overloaded by CGI. Case in point, the Hellboy films, and this:


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