Monday, January 08, 2007

Ultimate Transformers

Let's face it: Transformers continuities are negligible at best, and there basically is NO overarching continuity...merely a few universal aspects for each series.
So, in keeping with the standard "screaming fanboy" nature, I just threw caution to the wind and decided to make my own continuity. GASP, not ANOTHER one!
I don't expect everyone to agree with or even like my choices in this universe, which I've given the working title "Ultimate Transformers," which is not unlike the work of Simon Furman in IDW's current timeline, i.e. it throws out weird continuity errors and tries to tie everything together in a much neater lineage.
I'll be adding/editing this as time goes one, but methinks I'll start with "The Great War." Note that several instances are lifted directly from certain media, such as "Spotlight: Shockwave," the Transformers Animated Movie, and all 3 Beast Wars series (with Beast Machines completely removed...not due to spite, but rather differing notions of Cybertron's origin).
NOTE: The Great War, pre-Unicron Battles, will be referred to as "Generation 1." The Great War, post-Unicron Battles, will be considered "Generation 2." Huzzah for bastardization!

...GOOD LORD I HAVE NO LIFE. (doesn't care)


The Gods of Creation rule over various aspects of the universe, their origin unknown but to themselves. Two gods, however, find themselves at odds...and who else but the brothers, Primus and Unicron? The Chaos Bringer seeks to consume all that exists, bringing blackening dischord to the universe, whereas the Lord of Order seeks to prevent this and maintain balance in the cosmos. Thus, their battle raged from the Astral Plane to the Physical Dimension, and eventually, ended at a stalemate. Primus contained himself in a mass of metallic elements, and shut himself down. As a result, Unicron's mental link forced the Dark God to go into hibernation as well.

(Events of the 13 Transformers and the Fallen be added later)

Primus felt shame from the actions of The Fallen, and the Lord of Order decided that a new era must begin. He wiped the memories of the Transformers clean, so that such a one as the Fallen could never be birthed again (yeah, right), as well as remove the temptation of war and violence from his children. Then, he returned to his slumber.
As millenia passed, the Transformers replicated (ala Gen 2), and with each generation, they grew in number and intelligence, and eventually a society grew (as we ALL know). (NOTE: Cybertronians look like a combination of the classic humanoid look and the decidedly alien-looking bots from the 2007 flim. Pics to be posted...SOMEDAY)

QUINTESSA WARS - 1.5 million years BW (Before the War):
Cybertron, as it had come to be called, was growing as a merchant state. Mighty cities were constructed, but it was not prolific enough to truly be considered a powerful state in the galaxy. Nevertheless, it was a glittering prize to the Quintessons, a race of techno-organic beings who sought to occupy and colonize a new world, due to that their home planet having been rendered a dead husk.
The Quintessons moved in on the small world, seeking to turn the Transformers into mere slaves and drones, under a banner of peace and coexistance with promises of prosperity. Such was not to be, as well all know, for somewhere in the newly created ranks of "Autobots" (workers and laborers), the seeds of resistance began anew.
At first, the Quintessons attempted to quell these uprisings with more empty promises, usually resulting in assasinations of lead dissenters, but finally, a young Autobot ventured deep into the core of Cybertron, and was granted, by an ancient robot called ALPHA TRION, a mysterious power source. That Transformer would become known in the halls of memory as SENTINEL PRIME.
Thus, the "Prime" was reborn, as not since the days of the 13 Transformers was a Prime needed again. Everything about Sentinel was upgraded, and he became a nearly unstoppable force on the battlefield. As such, he gathered the newly militaristic Autobot forces and launched an assault on the oppressive Quintessa Regime, and eventually drove their former masters away from Cybertron.
Thus, it came to pass that Cybertron was an independent state, and a new era of prosperity was within the Transformer's grasp. Nevertheless, in victory, the living machines had sown the seeds of their doom; in awakening their militaristic programming, many Autobots simply could not embrace the new, pacifistic ideals laid down by Sentinel Prime, and thus, an underground was born. Literally beneath the feet of the bustling Autobot workers and merchants of Iacon grew mass-scale gladiatorial maches between mechs looking to vent their violent nature in "peace time." The Autobot Council of Elders and Sentinel Prime himself knew of these, but allowed them as long as 1.) The mainstream public was not made aware, and 2.) the maches would continue to allow those Transformers who could not function in society to have a haven in which to practice what Sentinel dubbed "pitiful barbarism."
Of course, such was not to be, as within circles inside of circles, a threat was growing. A mysterious Transformer named MEGATRON had become master of the ring...or at least had his digits in all the little cogs of the ring. Through here, he schemed, planned and plotted, and surrounded himself with warriors hand-picked from both the ring (such as ASTROTRAIN and BRAWL) and from some more "legitimate" sources (such as STARSCREAM and SHOCKWAVE). And in the darkness, his machinations matured, until...