Sunday, July 02, 2006

Immortal No More

Ox-Bow experience

Here's some pictures I uploaded out of my camera from Ox-Bow.

Our class on the last day...can you guess which one is me?

My rather ill-tempered friend and his rivals in this merry-go-round called life ;) (Especially ill-tempered having being hauled out of the water by the tail...but that's another story)

Our studio, where we spent many a night up until about 2 AM...14 hour work days SUCK.

The incredible forest that surrounds the campus.

A nice parting shot.

(Stay tuned for "Immortal No More")

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Oh yes, that sounds appropriate, for several reasons, of course.
First of all, I have returned from the Ox-Bow school of the arts, a small retreat not far from the shore of Lake Michigan. Secondly, I have survived a solid 2 weeks of doing ANYTHING but relaxing, and thirdly, because of my recent (re)obsession with Transformers :D
Really, the whole experience was incredibly worthwhile, being as the tiny community of Saugatuck-Douglas is not only very arts-oriented, but also very integrated with the incredibly dense and gorgeous forests in the area.
I gots me lotsa' pictures to post somewhere at some point (hopefully including myself tackling a 25 lb snapping turtle ^^ ) and I made quite a few new friends while in the class.
As for the class itself, it was in ridiculously difficult at times, but to make a 4-page comic in 2 weeks is much more demanding than one would expect.
The class itself was excellent, as taught by Jessica Abel (who herself has created the "Artbabe" series and the EXCELLENT graphic novel "La Perdita") Despite being a tad biased against the more "mainstream" or "superhero" comics, she was very supportive of our development as artists and encouraged us to pursue our personal storytelling styles.
Everyone in the class did a great job, IMO (even though a few of us didn't finish...which goes to show what kind of work goes into comics).

I plan on posting my short story, "Immortal No More" sometime tomorrow, because right now, I'm eager to veg on some comics that I didn't make ;)

(Oh, PS, the new G-Fan published my review of King Kong!)