Friday, September 19, 2008

Matt's G-Fest Adventure!

FINALLY! After replacing my USB cable, I am able to show the world my G-Fest pictures! It's a preview of the video that will premiere on "Captain Gordon and the Quest for Kongzilla."

Me and Godzilla himself, Haruo Nakajima; I stepped out of the taxi and somehow this happened. What a freaking welcome to my first G-Fest!

Now THAT'S interesting, isn't it?

Myself and a reporter from a Japanese magazine. She was very perplexed by the kaiju phenomenon, to say the least, but she was very polite and we gots a picture! This was taken right after I won that Rodan figure in a trivia contest.

I stole this for a short time from another fan ;)

Welcome to G-Fest! We have sex and lots of it! Wait...

One of my new friends and I pose for some Ultraman badassitude.

A cavalcade of new friends and allies!

Now this was fun; a group of G-Fans, after the airing of Godzilla X MechaGodzilla, got together in the lobby to film an evacuation sequence for my bud Jared's new ULTRAMAN SORTA' movie.

That's Jared there in the bottom-left, with his stars getting ready for the next scene.

Collectively, that's a sampling of "the Old Guard," some of our G-fan elders and their elixers of wisdom.

The last day, with another pair of new friends at my artist's table. The feller on the left bought my sign!

Yes. That is, in fact, Don Frye, and yes, he has me in a headlock. BFF's!


Let said...

I hope I can go to G-Fest next year. You looked like you had a hoot, huh? :)

dave said...

Nice to see the man behind the mask -- I mean art! I prefer DA, but I'll try to stop by your blog every now and again.

Thomas Perkins said...

Looks like you had a blast, man! Nice.

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