Sunday, December 10, 2006

Church attempts to HIDE Hominid origins

First and foremost, my sincere and deep apologies to anyone who may, and surely WILL be offended by this, but what's happening here is just downright WRONG. Censorship of scientific evidence to elevate one's own power is about as low as it gets.

From and Palaeoblog (excerpt):

"Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils" -

Famed paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey is giving no quarter to powerful evangelical church leaders who are pressing Kenya's national museum to relegate to a back room its world-famous collection of hominid fossils showing the evolution of humans' early ancestors.

Leakey called the churches' plans "the most outrageous comments I have ever heard."

He told The Daily Telegraph (London): "The National Museums of Kenya should be extremely strong in presenting a very forceful case for the evolutionary theory of the origins of mankind. The collection it holds is one of Kenya's very few global claims to fame and it must be forthright in defending its right to be at the forefront of this branch of science." Leakey was for years director of the museum and of Kenya's entire museum system.
Leaders of Kenya's Pentecostal congregation, with six million adherents, want the human fossils de-emphasized....
"Our doctrine is not that we evolved from apes, and we have grave concerns that the museum wants to enhance the prominence of something presented as fact which is just one theory," the bishop said.

(end excerpt)

My thoughts:
I honestly thought I could avoid this whole arguement after a rather uncomfortable debacle a few months back that nearly cost me a friend, but this is something I feel I have a responsibility to rant and rave about.
I have nothing against religious individuals. My girlfriend is a devout Christian and a wonderful human being, and she herself believes in the Creation and Genesis. I myself take to heart that a divine force guides this universe. But she and I both agree that to hide things from people so that one can perpetuate their own "truth" is, to be blunt, disgusting. Evolution may not be the Pentecostal's belief, but to attempt to HIDE scientific evidence of another belief system from people is an excercise in an attempt to gain more power.
People, especially those who visit museums out of genuine scientific curiousity, have every, EVERY right to know all possible views and theories, be it science or religion. They, in turn, are totally capable of making their own decisions based on what they have learned or seen.
Science, and the Theory of Evolution in particular, doesn't pretend to know all of the answers. It's a flawed theory that is constantly being adjusted and improved, and is just the best we have to go off of when looking at the world in a practical view. Charles Darwin himself stated that "the Creator" instigated evolution, but himself admitted, on his death bed, that he regretted starting such a massive divide in the world, yet stood by his theory. Religion and Science can only mix in the minds of individuals, because one is based on faith and faith alone (and needs no evidence), and the other is based on tests and factual evidence (of which there is plenty to support evolution).Evolution could simply be the answer to the "how" and not the "why."
I don't want to start any flame-wars or hate-mail, but please, PLEASE just consider that which I have said without jumping to conclusions...even though I may have jumped to a few myself. Perhaps I'm wrong? Perhaps YOU'RE wrong? Perhaps we're ALL wrong? No way to tell. We just do what we can with what we're given, simple as that.

God bless.


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Anonymous said...

Truth is Aliens came down and upgraded the DNA of the existing humanoids. That's why neither the Bible nor the theory of evolution can explain it all. When we finally realize our heritage, then can we see the truth. Or maybe I'm just CARAAAAAZZZY!!!! Hahaha!!!! Time will tell. Then I can say "I told you so "!!!